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14 Bolt Axle Truss with Pinion Guard

Motobilt recently built a full width axle truss for the 14 Bolt Axle. We wanted to create a truss less expensive and an option to be used with more suspension types. We are calling this truss the Trail Version but that in no way means the truss is not strong enough to take severe abuse. Over the past 20 years I have built a lot of custom parts for suspension and other custom builds. This style of axle truss is something I hand made before releasing a line of axle trusses at a previous company I owned. In the early years I made the entire truss by hand using a torch and a drill press. The truss was designed to stay tight to the cast housing and allow room to fit other things on the axle tube if needed. The truss mounts to the pinion support and axle tubes to eliminate the chance of spinning the axle tubes in the housing. The new Motobilt 14 Bolt Trail Version Axle Truss is fabricated from high strength steel plate. The main body is CNC laser cut from 1/2 inch thick steel plate. The pinion support is made from 3/8 inch steel plate. The upper deck provides plenty of room to mount upper links on a four link suspension.

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