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Elevate Your Jeep's Performance with Motobilt's Coil Over Mounts and High Clearance Inner Fenders

Motobilt has once again pushed the boundaries of off-road engineering with its meticulously designed coil over mounts for Jeep CJ, YJ, TJ, and LJ models. These coil over mounts are engineered to work seamlessly with Motobilt's high clearance inner rear fenders, offering a game-changing 2 1/4 inches of additional clearance. This unique combination not only facilitates the use of longer shocks but also allows for a lower ride height, enhancing both performance and aesthetics.

Superior Design and Functionality

The Motobilt coil over mount is crafted to integrate effortlessly with the Jeep's frame. Using a 1.75-inch DOM tube (available separately), the mount ties into the frame from underneath, ensuring robust support and stability. The laser-cut hole in the mount ensures a precise fit for the tube, which can be cut and notched to match your specific application requirements.

Enhanced Stability and Support

Included in the coil over mount kit is a secondary plate that secures to the top of the inner fender kits. This plate is designed to connect to your roll cage, providing upper support for the coil over mount. Whether you’re utilizing the factory roll cage or a custom aftermarket one, this setup ensures that your suspension system is solid and secure.

Optimal Clearance and Articulation

By employing the high clearance inner fender kits, Jeep owners gain the ability to tuck their tires deeper into the fender well during extreme articulation, which is essential for tackling rugged off-road terrains. This setup not only improves the vehicle's overall stability but also allows for a more aggressive and lower stance, making your Jeep look and perform exceptionally well on and off the trail.

Clean and Professional Aesthetics

One of the standout features of the Motobilt coil over mounts and inner fender kits is the clean, professional appearance they provide. By keeping the coil overs mounted underneath the Jeep, the system remains hidden from view, protecting passengers from any moving parts and contributing to a sleek, uncluttered look.

Installation Considerations

When installing the rear inner fenders on TJ and LJ models, it’s important to note that the factory rear seat will need to be replaced. The new inner fenders are designed to be perfectly flat and vertical, which necessitates the use of an aftermarket fold and tumble seat or a suspension seat, with a maximum width of 36 inches.


Motobilt’s coil over mounts and high clearance inner fender kits are indispensable for those serious about upgrading their Jeep’s off-road capabilities and curb appeal. These innovations allow for enhanced shock length and reduced ride height, providing unmatched performance while keeping aesthetics sharp and professional.

Explore these upgrades further and make your purchase on our product pages for the CJ/YJ Fender Top Mounted Coil Over Mount, the TJ Rear Inner Fender Kit, and the YJ Rear Inner Fender Kit, LJ Rear Inner Fender Kit.  Equip your Jeep with Motobilt’s advanced components and hit the trail with confidence, ready to tackle any adventure.

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