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Father & Son Jeep build at Motobilt

With Father's Day fast approaching I thought we would share one of the coolest Motobilt builds yet! Dan Dubose the owner of Motobilt helping his son Hudson build his first Jeep! Hudson grew up around his dad and the off road world and is no stranger to everything awesome about Jeeps, but he turns 16 soon and has plans for his very own Jeep! Now what better Jeep to start a build on other then the one that Dan started his off road prowess, the Jeep YJ. Over the years, Dan has built parts for the YJ from bumpers to complete 4 link suspension systems. Hudson has been doing all of the grunt work with some help from his grand father. Dan can't wait to get in there to help out in the shop once he is cleared by his doctor. As soon as his Jeep YJ arrived, Hudson DuBose began to tear it down. The Jeep was already sprung over and the spring perches on the front were moved a bit outboard of the frame. This actually worked out well as they were able to use the Motobilt YJ full width kit in the front. So down the road when things get a bit more serious a set of 1 ton axles will bolt up!!! As more progress is made we will be sure to update with pictures and build info so please be sure to keep an eye on the site!


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