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Heavy Duty Diff Covers

Over the past 11 plus years, while owning a different off-road fabrication shop, I was involved in developing the fabricated diff covers you see offered by many "me too" fabrication shops.  That business is still doing well and selling high quality parts.  Since starting Motobilt in 2012 I have not had interest in building differential covers because of the large number of shops offering them.  Due to the need for heavy duty diff covers in related Motobilt products we are developing I have decided to go ahead and offer a limited number of versions at this time.

Motobilt will be offering fabricated high strength differential covers for 3 different models to begin with.  The Dana 60, Corporate 14 Bolt, and the Dana 44.  Soon to follow will be some other related products for axle trusses.  If you are interested in purchasing Motobilt differential covers we will have them in the store section of our website very soon.  In the mean time feel free to contact us via phone or email for more details. My name is Dan DuBose.  You can contact me or Wade Hollis at 334-699-6300.

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