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Jeep TJ Frame back Half Kit is finally happening

We have receive many calls and emails asking about a release date for the new Motobilt Jeep TJ frame back half kit. Well that day is finally here. Starting next week the first batches will ship. By September 1st, 2015 will be in full production of these. The Motobilt Jeep TJ back half kit was designed using the latest in 3D CAD technology along with precision files provided from Jeep. The Motobilt back half kit is designed to provide more clearance for coil overs shocks, ORI Struts, and more. The back half kit relocates the frame rails to the bottom side of the tube and out of the wheel opening. The kit requires the installer to cut the factory frame in half. It is HIGHLY recommended that a trained professional install this kit. The kit will include parts to build the left and right side frame rails as well as a rear bumper. As mentioned the parts require welding by a professional. The rear frame section needs to be connected to the roll cage and additional cross members added on the bottom side for extra support. Additional support can simply be round tubing. For more details be sure to contact us for more details. The parts are cnc cut from 3/16" high strength steel plate. The rear bumper features d-ring shackle mounts which are cut from 3/4" high strength steel plate. The d-ring mounts pass through the bumper and are welded on both sides. The pre-order will begin shipping in a few days. Thanks to all who have helped make this new product a reality.



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