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Jeep YJ Full Width Kit in Development

Leaf springs and old school Jeeps go hand in hand.  I have built a lot of leaf sprung Jeeps over the years.  When thinking of ways to take putting full width axles under a Jeep YJ and doing a shackle reversal I wanted to take things to a new level of performance and quality.  The new Motobilt Jeep YJ Full Width Axle Kit we are working in is designed to move the springs out slightly and reverse the shackle mount location.  In addition to this the kit is designed to lower the Jeep ride height.  This kit can be used with the Motobilt Jeep YJ Stubby Front Bumper as well.  You can use this kit with other bumpers are well. Installation of this kit will require mounting the rear upper shackle hanger through the frame rail.  We shelved this part for a while but are back on finishing it up for release.  Thanks to all who have waited for it.  Contact Dan DuBose at Motobilt if you have any questions.  

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