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We all know that purchasing American-made products are the best, but how do they technically differ from overseas products? 

The Motobilt product line is designed and hand crafted right here in Dothan, Alabama.  One of our key business practices is to continuously be cutting edge.  We design and manufacture new products and new ways to provide our customers with outstanding American-made products.  The overseas brands are simply copying and stealing American products. 

When you come across an import bumper or other products, often you can tell just by looking at them.  The coating will chip, flake off, or fade very quickly.  When you install one of these knock-off products, you find yourself drilling, slotting, grinding and pressing to try and get them to fit.  This is due to the fact that import products simply copy designs and do not take the time to engineer them.  At Motobilt, we use advanced 3D modeling software and design our product's specifications to those of the vehicles manufacturer. 

Besides cheap coatings and bad fitment, the quality and size of material is often skimped upon.  They will use cheap import steel that is thinner to try and save money. To ensure a strong and lasting product, our Motobilt products use bracing inside of the product that you might never see or even know is there.  This is often skipped by the importers to save money.  This means that when you need to use the product; such as a winch bumper it can stretch or even fail on you.

The best aspect of an American Made product, such as the Motobilt brand, is that you are supporting American families.  These are the same people who may go ride or wheel with on the weekend.  These are the ones you can call when you need help with your project or need a hard-to-find part.  These are the same people that run the products on their own rigs and can tell you if it is the right product for you.

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  • pelletier

    j ai une jeep wrangler yj 92 2,5i amc Sahara

    March 16, 2023
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