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Motobilt Featured on PowerNation TV Sunday 9/17/2017

*This is an old article and the event has ended.
The dual-purpose Jeepster in XOR receives custom-built suspension ready to soak up the bumps on the trail. Check it out this weekend on SPIKE at 9am ET Sunday!

Ian Johnson from Xtreme Off Road shows the install of the Motobilt Jeep CJ full width axle kit on this Jeepster. The Motobilt Jeep CJ full width axle conversion kit is a simple way to install a Chevy Dana 44 or Dana 60 front axle in your Jeep CJ. This kit also works with older model Ford 44 and 60 fronts from the 78/79 range. This kit fits Jeep CJ's from 1976 to 1986.

This kit is NOT a bolt on product. It requires welding to install. The Motobilt Jeep CJ full width axle conversion kit was designed for ultimate strength and to make your Jeep look great at the same time. The kit features an removable winch plate, 42" in wide fabricated bumper assembly, 3/4" d-ring mounts that pass through the bumper and welded on both sides, a shackle reversal spring buckets, shackle hangers for the frame, and 4 inch long boomerang shackles. The kit moves the front axle forward as much as possible without relocating the steering box. The kit is designed to work with Jeep YJ leafs springs or Jeep CJ rear springs. The front bumper features a built in bottle opener on the bottom side.

The bumper, and winch plate are fabricated from 3/16" high strength steel plate. The side frame plate, spring buckets, shackle hangers, and shackles are fabricated from 1/4" high strength steel plate. The included d-ring mounts are fabricated from 3/4" thick high strength steel plate.

This kit does not include leaf springs, u-bolts, u-bolt plates, shocks, shock mounts, poly bushings and longer brake lines. Motobilt can supply these parts for an additional price.

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In the rear portion of the suspension a Motobilt U-Bolt Eliminator kit was installed.


The Motobilt u-bolt eliminator kit allows you to replace the 4 factory u-bolts with conventional bolts. The u-bolt eliminator kit was designed for serious rock crawlers that want the ultimate clearance underneath their vehicle. The kit is designed to work with 2.5" wide leaf springs found on vehicles like the Jeep YJ, XJ, and more. The u-bolt eliminator kit has 3 leaf center pin locations in the spring perch and top bolt plate which allows you to move the axle forward or reward in 1" increments. The top plate is made of 3/8" thick high strength steel plate bent on the ends for increased structural rigidity and eliminate sharp edges on the leaf spring. The 1/4" thick high strength steel plate spring perch has 3 sections to weld to your axle for superior strength.

The Motobilt u-bolt eliminator kit is designed for axles with a tube diameter of 3.25" - 3.5" which fits well with the GM 14 bolt, Dana 70, and Sterling rear axles. Hardware not included as the thickness of leaf spring packs will vary depending on each setup. This kit is intended to be used with 5/8" grade 8 bolts and nylock nuts.The kit is shipped with two fabricated lower spring perches and two upper bolt plates.


The XOR Jeepster also features a Motobilt Jeep JK Rear Stubby bumper that was retrofitted to fit the back end of the Jeep.

The Motobilt Jeep JK Rear Stubby Bumper was built to be compact and strong. The bumper body is constructed with 3/16" high strength steel plate to withstand rock crawling and extreme use. The Motobilt JK rear bumper was 3D CAD designed using the latest in design software to ensure a perfect fit. The bumper is designed to be used with or without a factory style receiver hitch. You will notice a hitch installed in some of the pictures. The hitch is not included with the bumper. If you need a hitch with the bumper please call us for details. We will be happy to provide one for you. The bumper is a bolt on unit.

The bumper is shipped bare steel so you can paint or powder coat to the color of your choice. You will also note the 3/4" d-ring mounts are welded in place on the bumper. They pass through the bumper where they are also welded on the inside of the assembly. The d-ring mounts come standard on this bumper.

If you have any questions about the parts used in this episode please email us at

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