Motobilt Jeep CJ Stubby Front Bumper

Motobilt Jeep CJ Stubby Front Bumper

The Motobilt TJ/YJ Stubby front bumper has been a very popular selling bumper.  We recently began work to complete a prototype CJ front Stubby Bumper.  The CJ version of the bumper is very similar in design to the TJ/YJ Stubby Bumper.  It is fabricated from 3/16" high strength steel plate.  The bumper has an integrated winch plate.  On the CJ version of the bumper the winch mount bolts to the front crossmember as well.  8 total bolt locations securely fit the stubby bumper to the Jeep CJ frame.  The bumper can be purchased with an optional stinger tube. Be sure to contact if you have any questions about the Jeep CJ Stubby Bumper or any other Motobilt product.

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