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Motobilt Redesigns the Ozark Industrial Park Signage

During the first week of February 2021, Motobilt Inc's CEO, Dan Dubose, was approached by the Mayor of Ozark, Alabama, Mr. Mark Blankenship, to redesign the Ozark Industrial Park sign.  This sign sits at the beginning of the street where Motobilt is located.  The original sign was dated & needing repair.
The Mayor delivered a granite sign to the Motobilt headquarters & decided to pay us a visit in person to talk about their needs for the industrial park sign makeover.
The Motobilt Design Team promptly got to work on a design that hopefully represented the city as being a modern & exciting place to do business. 
You've got to give it to the Motobilt team. When Dan DuBose, Bruce Hodder and Rob 'Bender' Park get to work, the end result is always awesome. No less so with this sign. A lot of business happens in this unassuming little area, business that helps Ozark, Alabama continue to grow. By working together with the Mayor, Motobilt has brought a little more attention to this with a sharp, recognizable new greeting at the entrance. 
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