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Motobilt Stainless Steel Keychains

The Motobilt Keychain concept was born in the Middle East. Yes, the Middle East. I was overseas working on a contract with nothing better to do with my free time. I was working on a few ideas for items I could fabricate with the Motobilt brand included which people might be proud to have. Originally the idea was to make them out of aluminum to keep the finished cost down. The aluminum was nice, but after running a test run I opted for stainless steel. While it is more expensive I believe it produces a much higher quality finished product. The Motobilt key chains are CNC laser cut from .090" stainless steel. They are then finished by running them in a tumbler with ceramic abrasive to debur the edges. Once this process is complete the option is there to polish them. Be sure to check out this Motobilt product and others in our online store.

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