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Offroad Affair's Visit: A Sweet Adventure with DQ

The off-road community is all about camaraderie, shared passions, and spontaneous meetups that fuel our adventures. This week, we had the pleasure of a visit from Tom and Sarah of Offroad Affair. They rolled into our facility in their rugged Jeep Gladiator, affectionately named Dairy Queen, or DQ for short. This wasn't our first run-in with Offroad Affair, but it was undoubtedly one of the sweetest.

Reunions on the Trail

We’ve crossed paths with Tom and Sarah a few times over the past couple of months. They joined us during the Easter Jeep Safari for our Pritchett Canyon run, where we got to know them and DQ’s capabilities while tackling the trail together. Just last week, we caught up with them again at Jeep Beach in Florida. It’s clear that Tom and Sarah are making the most of their travels across the country with their well-equipped Gladiator.

Sweetening the Visit

This week, Offroad Affair made a pit stop at our facility, bringing their signature off-road spirit—and an unexpected treat. Not only did they rev up the atmosphere with their presence, but they also came bearing a load of ice cream, packed to the brim in DQ. Their surprise visit brought smiles all around, cooling us down and firing us up for more adventures ahead.

Motobilt Parts on DQ

A significant part of DQ’s ruggrd attributes comes from its quality components. Here's a look at the Motobilt parts that were used on DQ:

A Shoutout to Offroad Affair

No fancy words are needed to convey our gratitude for Tom and Sarah’s visit. Thanks for the ice cream and the good vibes, Offroad Affair. Your gesture not only refreshed us but also reminded us of the camaraderie that fuels the off-road community.

Follow Offroad Affair

We’re looking forward to crossing paths again, whether on the trails or in the shop. Until then, we’ll be keeping up with Offroad Affair’s adventures on their Facebook and Instagram feeds. Here's to many more shared trails and spontaneous meetups ahead!


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