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Offroad and Chill Drops By Motobilt For Some Fuel Cell Help.

Hey there, Motobilt Family! If you're someone who loves the thrill of driving your Jeep on rugged terrains and are keen on DIY upgrades, you're in for a treat. We recently had the pleasure of hosting Marlin and Luna from the popular YouTube channel, Offroad and Chill, at our very own Motodome. They brought their Jeeps along for some expert assistance with venting their Motobilt Fuel Cells.

The Motobilt Fuel Cell Upgrade:
Fuel cells are a crucial upgrade for any offroading vehicle, providing more reliability and safety compared to relocating or modifying stock fuel tanks. Marlin and Luna chose Motobilt Fuel Cells for their Jeeps, known for their durability and performance enhancement. Installing the vent lines can seem a bit daunting, but with the right guidance, it's a rewarding addition to your Jeep.

The Visit to Motodome:
During their visit, Marlin and Luna got hands-on experience with Bender and Kurt, our in-house offroading experts. The focus was on correctly routing the fuel tank vent lines – a vital step to ensure proper fuel flow and prevent hazardous leaks. The duo also received some bonus VIP treatment, making their visit both educational and memorable.

Check out their recent video below to get a detailed look at their experience at the Motodome and some valuable installation tips!


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