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Plant Cell Science Project Fabrication

My wife gave me a job which seemed simple and fast at first. The job was to help my son make a plant cell display for his 9th grade science project. We talked over the project and decided to make it different than what others may bring to school. We started in Solidworks. He has been learning Solidworks already but I felt this would be a good way to connect what is being worked on in a 3D environment to actual hands-on in the shop. My goal was for my son to learn the parts of a plant cell and also teach him about design and fabrication. We designed the stand, cell wall and cell membrane in Solidworks and then cut the parts on the Torchmate 4800. The cell wall parts and stand were cut from 14ga P&O and the cell membrane was cut from 16ga. We used drops from the table to make a few of the internal parts. We even designed rivnuts and aluminum spacers in this project. We hopefully we made an A on it. He took it to school yesterday and said the teacher thought it was amazing and wondered if they could keep it for the class room. Of course they can.

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