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Project Blue: YJ Frame with CJ Grill

We are excited about this build at Motobilt.  An out of state customer brought his Jeep to us for some improvements.  By improvements I mean we are removing all of the previous fabrication work done to this Jeep.  The Jeep currently has a linked front suspension that does not work too well.  The Motobilt crew will be fabricating a new front and rear linked suspension using our YJ 4 Link System.  Stay tuned as Dan DuBose and his crew at Motobilt transform this Jeep into something very special. Parts are on the way for this Jeep.  It will be getting 14" FOX 2.0 remote reservoir coil over shocks all the way around. The rear is getting four linked and the front 3 linked with a track bar.  The Jeep will be receiving a late model fuel injected V-8 replacing the carb Chevy 350 currently powering the Jeep. Custom wheels are being put together by Larry at Trail-Ready. Some other things in the plans for this Jeep build include a custom roll cage, custom seats, new controls such as a Winters Shifter, and much more. Phase One: The first phase in this build is to strip a YJ frame down removing all of the factory brackets and preparing it for custom fabrication.  The frame will be media blasted removing the reset of the paint and surface rust.  This process is going to speed up the rest of the build by reducing the time required to mount all of the custom fabricated parts.  

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