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Raceline Beadlock Wheels

*This is an old article and Motobilt no longer deals this product

Motobilt is an authorized dealer for Raceline Wheels located in Dothan, Alabama. We offer the complete line up of wheels that Raceline has to offer. Check out their wheels for Jeep, trucks, SUV, Toyota, side by sides and more. What is a Beadlock wheel? I thought I would offer a simple answer for those who may not know how a Beadlock wheel works. Here is the 2 second answer. A typical wheel the tire slips over the outer bead and seats against the outer bead often times held in place by air pressure. A Beadlock wheel has a modified outer bead. The tire does not slip over the bead. The tire sits against the outer bead and then the bead ring (clap) bolts to the wheel holding the tire between the two. If you want to discuss Beadlock Wheels feel free to call the shop.

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