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The End Result! - Patriot Liners Eco-Diesel Gladiator Build


In the realm of vehicle customization, the transformation of this particular Jeep Gladiator by Rockstar Garage and Patriot Liners stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of quality, craftsmanship, and ease of installation of Motobilt Products.

Rockstar Garage: Precision and Adaptability

Rockstar Garage started with a stock Eco-Diesel Gladiator Rubicon and turned it into an off-road killer. This was their first time installing a Motobilt replacement bed, but they approached the challenge head-on. "We're excited because this will be one of the first bed conversions we've done with them," they shared, reflecting their eagerness to work with Motobilt's innovative designs.

The installation of the front bumper was also a video highlight. "Running the Motobilt front bumper... was fantastic," RSG remarked, praising the precision and alignment of the components.

View the second video in the Patriot Liners build series below to see all the Motobilt products getting assembled and installed.

Patriot Liners: "Wow, thanks Motobilt for breaking my back!"

Patriot Liners brought their detail-oriented craftsmanship to the forefront in the final part of this project. Their journey with the Gladiator was a deep dive into the quality and intricacies of Motobilt's products as they disassembled the Gladiator to cover it with their liner.

Patriot Liners was impressed by the quality and fit of Motobilt's components. "I've seen some of the Motobilt rigs out at, you know, Jeep Beach, or out on the trail, and obviously they look amazing, but you don't realize how heavy-duty this armor is. Beast! I mean unbelievable." they observed.

As they finished the disassembly Patriot Liners exclaimed, "We start disassembling and we get to bed removal, we need six guys to move this thing..., pretty confident we can slam this thing against any rock at Moab and we're going to leave there in one piece... Wow, Thanks Motobilt for breaking my back!"

A Fusion of Skill, Quality, and Finely Crafted Parts

The transformation of the Jeep Gladiator by Rockstar Garage and Patriot Liners is a narrative of skill, quality, and finely crafted parts. It's a story that goes beyond mere vehicle modification, illustrating how Motobilt's products seamlessly blend into the art of customization. This project not only highlights the potential of the Gladiator platform but also serves as a beacon in the industry of vehicle customization that Motobilt equals excellence.

You can find the first part of this build here: Patriot Liner Gladiator: Part 1


Want to know what Motobilt parts they used? Here is your list!

MB1196 Front Highline Fenders for Jeep JL/JLU/JT

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