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Want to be a Motobilt Ambassador?

*This is an old article and Motobilt no longer offers this service.

Do you have what it takes to be a Motobilt ambassador? If you think you do and want to join the "Motobilt Trail Team," then let us know. Motobilt is known for building high quality AMERICAN off road parts from bumpers to 4 link conversions. All of our parts are built in house by our talented team of fabricators and designers using the latest in technology. We cut and bend each part on our Amada laser and press brake. This means we control every process which leads to greater quality control, faster new product developments, and shorter lead times. We want to know why you should be a part of our team. We need ambassadors who are passionate about American made parts, offroading and the Jeep life. In order to be considered for membership we need you to send us the following information about you and your rig: Tell us about yourself and why you would be a good Motobilt ambassador. Why should we choose you and what sets you apart from other applicants? Send us a few of your best Jeep/off road photos. We want to see what kind of photos you take. What Motobilt products are you currently running? How are you involved in the off road community? Are you an active member of a club, forum or group? What events do you plan on attending this year? In what capacity will you be attending these events? Be sure to include links to your social media accounts. We need all of this information to be considered and please email it to

1 comment on Want to be a Motobilt Ambassador?
  • Chris mccomb
    Chris mccomb

    Love the Motobuilt products I"m almost finished with my recent upgrade build
    98 TJ. With Motobuilt. Front & rear . 4 link. King IBP 14s. .. 112 inch wheelbase with curries 60s, full hydro and 42s.

    February 28, 2023
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