What's on it | White 392 Build

What's on it | White 392 Build

Wonder what's on the white 392 with the V8 engine? May you wonder no more. Watch the video to see the build, product links below.

Crusher HD Front Bumper: MB1200-MB1201-MB1203
High Line Front Fenders: MB1196 
Inner Fenders: MB1097
Motobilt Trail Badge: MB0052
Rubicon Front Diff Cover M210: MB4075
Rubicon Rear Diff Cover M220: MB4073
Frame Mounted Rocker Guards: MB1193
High Line Rear Fenders: MB1199
Rocker Panels: MB1095
License Plate Kit: MBB2115-LD-PL6
Crusher Rear Bumper: MB1091

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