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Why You Need the Motobilt Drop Down Tailgate for Your Jeep JK and JKU

Motobilt is thrilled to introduce the latest must-have accessory for Jeep enthusiasts: the Drop Down Tailgate for Jeep JK 2-door and Jeep JKU 4-door Wrangler models. This innovative tailgate is designed to elevate your Jeep’s functionality and style, making it an essential upgrade for any Wrangler owner.

Elevate Your Jeep Experience

The Motobilt Drop Down Tailgate for Jeep JK and JKU is not just an accessory; it's a game-changer. This tailgate is crafted with precision and built from high-quality materials, transforming your Jeep into a more versatile, adventure-ready vehicle. The drop-down design allows for easy access to the cargo area and can double as a sturdy work surface or picnic table, perfect for outdoor activities.

Key Reasons to Upgrade

Durable Construction:
Made from strong yet lightweight aluminum, this tailgate is engineered to withstand the harshest off-road conditions, ensuring durability and reliability on all your adventures.

Customizable Raw Finish:
The raw aluminum finish is resistant to rust and corrosion, and it provides a blank canvas for you to paint match to your Jeep or customize to your personal taste.

Easy Installation:
The tailgate is designed for a straightforward, bolt-on installation with all necessary hardware included. No welding required, ensuring a hassle-free upgrade.

Versatile Functionality:
Whether you're camping, tailgating, or need a quick workbench on the trail, the drop-down tailgate offers a stable and multifunctional platform for all your needs.

Enhanced Rear Visibility:
Removing the spare tire and installing the drop-down tailgate significantly improves your rear view, enhancing both safety and convenience.

Improved Departure Angle:
By replacing your spare tire with the drop-down tailgate, you'll greatly enhance your vehicle's departure angle, making it more capable during steep climbs and over vertical ledges.

Robust Weight Capacity:
The tailgate is designed to hold up to 300 lbs, providing a sturdy and comfortable seat or workbench on your adventures.

A Superior Alternative to the Stock Tailgate

The stock tailgate on the Jeep JK and JKU is often cumbersome, heavy, and limited in functionality. It's not designed with the same level of versatility or convenience that the Motobilt Drop Down Tailgate offers. By upgrading, you'll enjoy a lighter, more useful tailgate that enhances your Jeep's overall performance and usability.

Bringing Back a Classic

Jeep hasn't offered a drop-down tailgate since the 1986 Jeep CJ-7, making the Motobilt Drop Down Tailgate a nostalgic yet modern upgrade. This tailgate combines the rugged, classic appeal of the CJ-7 with cutting-edge design and functionality, providing Jeep owners with a unique blend of heritage and innovation.

Unmatched Utility and Convenience

The Motobilt Drop Down Tailgate enhances your Jeep JK or JKU by providing a multifunctional solution for both work and play. The drop-down mechanism simplifies the loading and unloading of gear, making your Jeep more functional and user-friendly. Plus, with its 300 lbs weight capacity, it serves as a perfect place to sit and relax after a long day on the trails.

Perfect for Any Adventure

Whether you're an off-road enthusiast, a weekend warrior, or someone who relies on their Jeep for daily tasks, the Motobilt Drop Down Tailgate is the perfect addition to your vehicle. It offers the durability, functionality, and style that Jeep owners demand.

Get Yours Today

Upgrade your Jeep JK 2-door or Jeep JKU 4-door with the all-new Drop Down Tailgate from Motobilt. Enhance your Jeep's capabilities and enjoy the benefits of improved functionality and superior design. Don't miss out on this essential upgrade—order yours now and prepare to transform your Jeep into the ultimate adventure machine.

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