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Working with my daughter in the shop

Many people say they want to be in the offroad industry building custom vehicles. Many don't understand the time spent away from the ones you love. Friday night while eating dinner with my family discussing the need to go back to the shop to finish a couple projects my 9 year old daughter asked to go help daddy. After a brief discussion we jumped in the new 2014 Jeep Unlimited Rubicon we bought earlier in the day. I think she just wanted to ride in the new Jeep JK. We started working on the Offroad Evolution Jeepster known as eBay 1. I was setting rivnuts in the floor board for the new Atlas Transfercase cable shifter mount I fabricated earlier in the week. Being 8 years old I'm certain she didn't get it why we were install rivnuts. She simply thought it was awesome to be helping dad work on a Jeep. About 10:30 that night I was spent and ready to go home. She was so pumped to be helping she wanted to stay. I am look looking forward to the next daddy / daughter time at the shop.

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