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Aluminum Fuel Cell Mount for RCI 2171

Aluminum fuel cells are very popular in the offroad world of rock crawling, desert racing, and more. One issue with aluminum fuel cells is securing them. This new mounting system for the RCI 2171 aluminum fuel cell is fabricated from high strength steel plate. The base plate can be bolted or welded into place. The base also prevents side to side movement of the fuel cell. The top clamp holds the fuel cell down tight as well as completely capturing the RCI 2171 aluminum fuel cell. The top mount is also fabricated from steel sheet metal. Common uses for a fuel cell mount like this can be found in rock crawlers, tube buggies, hot rods, race cars, and more. The new RCI 2171 prototypes have been fabricated and shipped out. We are in the process of loading them on the website. This picture shows the fuel cell mount with the optional dimple die holes. The flared holes not only look cool they also make the part more rigid.

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