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Jeep TJ Fuel Pump Clamping Ring

Motobilt Jeep TJ Fuel Pump / Sending Unit Clamping Ring is designed to be used with fuel cells like the RCI 2161a.The kit is shipped with the upper clamp ring assembly; which is welded together on the bottom side. Unlike some of the others on the market, we have the bolts passing through both plate to prevent the ring from deforming when you tighten it down. The bottom ring that goes inside the tank has a split in the ring so you can get it into the tank. This ring allows the top and the ring to bolt down without deforming the fuel tank or fuel cell. The upper ring assembly is CNC cut from 1/8" thick steel and the inner split ring is CNC cut from 14 GA steel. The rings are shipped out bare metal and will need to be painted or powder coated to the color of your choice. The kit also includes (12) 1/4-28 bolts, lock nuts, and nylon washers.

Have questions on the install? We've got you covered. Below are installation instructions and a link to the PDF hole pattern.





1. Refer to the template supplied for the bolt pattern layout along with the center hole cut out for the fuel pump.  The center hole is 5-9/16”.  The bolts are ¼”.  We like to drill the bolt holes slightly larger to make it easier to get the hardware to pass through. Transfer the pattern to the fuel cell in the location you want the fuel pump located. 

2. Once the hole is cut and the bolt holes are drilled you need to install the split ring inside the tank.  The bolt heads can be welded to the ring to make the install easier.  If you can reach the split ring through the filler neck you can reach in and tighten them. If you have the bolts tacked on and sticking up through the fuel tank pointing up we suggest placing a small piece of wire to hold it up until you can get the top clamp ring in place.

3. Drop the pump into the hole.  It would not hurt to put a thin layer of Permatex (listed below) around the edge of the pump.

4. We recommend using Permatex 80016 Form-A-Gasket #2 Sealant to seal the contact surface of the clamping ring to the tank.  Apply a layer around the surface of the clamping ringing following the Permatex application directions. 

5. Place clamping ring over the pump and get all 12 nuts started. Place the nylon washers under the fastener on top of the clamping ring.  Tighten the 12 nuts securely.  Remove the excess Peramatex.

6. Connect the pump and enjoy. We do recommend taking a moment to measure the tank you plan to use and make sure your pump will fit the tank.  Many people use the RCI2161a fuel tank with this clamping ring.  For instance the RCI2171a would be too deep for the pump to reach the bottom. 



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