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Motobilt Jeep YJ Front Shock Towers

Motobilt's roots are deeply intertwined with hardcore fabrication parts for the Jeep Wrangler YJ. Dan Dubose, the owner of Motobilt has been building parts for the Jeep YJ for almost 2 decades now and he may continue for another 20 years! So Motobilt is proud to release the new Jeep YJ front shock towers that are manufactured completely in house here at Motobilt. The CNC laser and press brake are used to fabrication these towers out of 3/16" thick heavy duty steel plate. They provide a taller and more robust mount for your shocks. With the Motobilt Jeep Wrangler YJ shock towers you can finally eliminate the failure prone stem style mounts and use a much stronger 1/2" eyelet. The improved mounting location not only stronger but allows for a longer shock. (aprox 2 1/2"s) You will be provided with a pair of towers with the required shock mounting tabs. The mounts will need to be welded and the old mounts removed from the frame.

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