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Motobilt Releases Jeep YJ Rocker Guards

Motobilt is proud to announce the release of the Jeep YJ rocker guards for competition Corners!

The Motobilt YJ Rocker Guards for Competition Corners are in-house laser cut from 3/16" high strength steel. The Rocker Guards extend up to the bottom edge of the door and bend underneath the jeep to protect it. They completely cover the front and the back of the Jeep. The holes in the bottom make it easier to wash mud and debris out. Motobilt YJ Rocker Guards are countersunk and ship bare metal with hardware included. The Motobilt Jeep YJ rocker Guards are designed to go the full length of the tub and will match up perfectly with our competition corner guards. These rockers will wrap under neath the body and mount using 2 body mounts for more protection and an even stronger mount.
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