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Abe Wine from Shoprat Metal Works Installs Motobilt Inner Fenders and Rocker Guards w/Step on Mrs. Shoprat's Jeep JKU

Abe Wine of Shoprat Metal Works, and formerly of "Truck Night in America," installs the Front Inner Fenders Aluminum for Jeep JK / JKU, and as well the Crusher Series Rocker Guards w/ Step for Jeep JKU 4 Door onto this build. 

Abe is taking this build from salvage to pretty savage, and we can't wait to see the final product. This is Mrs. Shoprat's baby, and Abe is already making it look better than before installing these Motobilt products. 

We want to give a shout-out to Abe for all the kind things he has to say about Motobilt, the team, and the quality of the American-made products that our team work tirelessly (in South Alabama heat, yet) to craft. And yeah, Abe, Bender's pretty all right. 

And Abe is right: our products are American made in-house, from design all the way to QC, and out the door. We don't outsource production on Motobilt products. And you also won't find better customer service. We're here to help you do what Abe is doing for Mrs. Shoprat: make your Jeep stand out, and protect it from the trail and the elements, while giving it that unmistakable Motobilt style. 

Abe, keep us updated on the build, and thank you for choosing Motobilt. 

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