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Choosing the right bumper!

Finding the right bumper for your rig can be confusing. Which brand, what accessories etc., are all factors people look for when choosing any product for their Jeep. I use a basic process of elimination to help decide which product I’m going to choose. In order from top to bottom, here are the key factors or standards for which most things I purchase must meet
  1. Made in the Good Ol’ U.S. of A. American made products by American hands. This is huge for me as the Jeep is an American icon. Why put Chinese parts on an American Icon? It’s not worth saving the few bucks over the quality and principle behind making a purchase on American made products.
  2. The company making the product. Who they are? What is their history? Are they a conglomerate cooperate company that has sold out and is branding themselves as assembled in the USA?
  3. After these first two standards, I start thinking about Functionality and Form. Does the bumper suite my needs? The overall style and look are second to usability.
  4. Accessories and components. Is the bumper winch-ready? Does the bumper offer a fairlead mount as well? Are there recovery points? Do they offer ways to add additional lighting?
  5. Ease of Installation is another huge standard. How easy is it to not only install but also, remove because we all know for one reason or another you will have to remove your bumper from time to time.
In keeping with our hardcore, yet minimalistic look, we have added gussets to our optional stinger on the YJ TJ LJ Stubby Front Bumper. This not only provides added rigidity, but a clean aggressive look. Functionality over form is the benchmark standard at Motobilt, and these new gussets allow for both. The Motobilt bumper not only comes with recovery points, is winch ready and is a direct bolt on for ease of installation, and (last but not least) it is manufactured completely in house in Dothan Alabama. Cut, bent and welded right here in small town USA by a team of awesome people who have been in this industry for years. We are extremely proud to offer what we feel is an outstanding product and a product made by individuals who are off road enthusiasts and who care about the product you purchase.

Thanks for your time. We look forward to seeing you out there!

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