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How To: Installation of a Motobilt Jeep JK Crusher front bumper

MB1011-S with stinger. Click here for more information

MB1011-L with stinger and grill hoop. Click here for more information.

This installation guide will apply to all 3 versions of the Motobilt Jeep JK Crusher front bumper. All JK's will require the bottom end of the crash bar to be trimmed so that it will clear the skid plate portion of the bumper.

The crash bar will need to be trimmed on the ends so that the skid plate would clear.


In order to install the Motobilt Jeep JK Crusher front bumper you need to install the winch plate first and separately from the main bumper body. You will start at an angle below the bumper mounting face and rotate the plate up until the holes align.

Start from below and angle up
Rotate it up as you slide in.
Rotate into place to where holes line up


Next you will need to install the provided brackets on top of the frame. They have 2 90 degree bends and are shown below. This is where you will use the provided flag nuts to attach the brackets.

2 of these flag nuts will be used on this bracket as it would be very difficult to use a standard nut. You can see the top hole has threaded bung already welded into i.t
A 7/16" x 1" bolt is used on all of these holes. The hole on the top portion of the bumper will line up with the top hole on this bracket that already has a threaded bung welded into it.
Insert the flag nut through the open slot in the crash bar.
A set of pliers can be useful to hold the end of the flag nut when installing the 7/16" x 1" bolt.


The next step is to slide the front bumper assembly over the frame rail ends and line up the 4 welded in studs with the holes on the frame while passing through the winch plate.

7/16" Nylock nuts with washers are provided for these 8 bolts.
7/16" Nylock nuts with washers are used to attach the bolts.
There are 4 bolts 3/8" x 1" that attach the bottom portion of the skid plate to the crash bar.


The Jeep JK Crusher front bumper is a winch recessed design so the fair lead mount is built into the bumper. In order to fit the different types of winches available the slot for the winch cable to pass through is longer then the actual winch fair lead. This is because depending on the type of winch you purchase you may have a centered or offset fair lead. In the picture below you can see that we provide a fair lead offset plate that can be mounted on the left or right the opening.

This spacer will be install from the back side of the bumper face.


7/16" hard ware is provided to mount the fair lead spacer.


Now you get to go enjoy your brand new Motobilt Jeep JK Crusher front bumper available with our with out tube work.

If you have any questions you can email us at or call us at 334-219-233
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