DIY has become a huge sector of the offroad industry.  In 2001 through a previous company we owned at the time we pioneered the way for many do it yourself fabrication products including DIY Diff Covers.  After selling the previous company, Blue Torch FabWorks, in 2009 it was only fitting to offer differential covers when we started Motobilt in 2012.  If you don’t know what a DIY Diff Cover is let me explain. 

DIY Diff covers or DIY Differential Covers are fabricated diff covers we ship out unwelded to allow you to weld the cover together yourself. Each DIY Diff Cover Kit will include the diff ring, formed diff shell, fill bung / plug assembly and hardware.  When you receive the cover you will need to weld the cover together. We recommend the DIY builder tack the cover together and test fit before welding out.  We provide instruction on which what the diff ring needs to go but if you have it rotated or flipped the incorrect way it is much easier to correct it with a few simple tacks holding it together. Each DIY Diff Cover Kit features laser cut rings and laser cut / CNC formed shells.  The diff rings are 3/8” thick high strength steel and the diff shells are 1/4” high strength steel.  

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