Steel Cowl & Mini Fender Armor for Jeep YJ

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Looking to upgrade your YJ's cowl area while gaining more tire clearance and adding some serious body armor? Look no further! Introducing our all-in-one solution: the Motobilt Steel Cowl Armor, Exterior Body Armor, and High Clearance Lower Fender.

This versatile product serves multiple purposes, offering protection and style in a single, well-designed package. First and foremost, it acts as cowl armor, safeguarding your YJ's vulnerable cowl area from dents and damage. If you've already experienced dents in this area, our armor can cover them up and prevent further harm.

But that's not all! We've also significantly increased the tire clearance in the fender area, allowing you to rock massive 42" tires without breaking a sweat. The top side of the fender seamlessly aligns with the underside of the factory YJ hood, ensuring a sleek and finished look. For the ultimate off-road functionality and style, pair this product with our YJ Rocker Guards and our brand-new MB1224 YJ Hood Fender Flare Plates.

Featuring vented openings on both sides with an aggressive and stylish aluminum insert plate, our cowl armor and fender combo is as functional as it is eye-catching. Rest assured, all the necessary fasteners are included for a hassle-free installation. Just follow our assembly instructions, and you'll have this product securely in place in no time.

Please note that drilling through the YJ body is required for installation. This product is compatible with MB1171, MB1173, MB1173-A, MB1177, MB1177-S, and MB1224. However, it is NOT compatible with MB1043 and MB1043-S.
Our cowl armor, exterior body armor, and high clearance lower fender ship as bare metal, giving you the freedom to customize them to your liking. No welding is required, making it a simple bolt-on upgrade for your YJ. Take your off-road game to the next level with our Motobilt Steel Cowl Armor and Fender, and show the trails who's boss.

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  • There are a few locations where the back side cannot be accessed so a nut sert is provided and will be used in these locations
  • Drill Bit Size: 5/16” nut serts use a 17/32” drill bit to install.
  • Ships raw steel. Must be painted or powder coated to prevent rust.  See (Steel-It)


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