YJ Unlimited Stretch

    Are you ready to turn your Jeep YJ into a world-class build? Want to stretch your Jeep YJ to be the same length as a Jeep LJ?

    Well here is where to find the products that will start you on the way to fabricating one seriously baddass YJ Unlimited.

    As with any build, the frame is the the place to start. The Motobilt 15" Stretch Back Half Frame Kit for Jeep YJ narrows the width of the frame by 8-1/16” less than the factory YJ frame & extends the length of the frame rearward by 15”. This provides ample room to install coil-over shocks that are positioned outboard of the frame & allow the space necessary to build your much longer custom 4 link rear suspension system to help keep the tires in contact with ground while increasing your wheel articulation. The new longer wheelbase of your vehicle will greatly increase the stability & off-road capabilities of your YJ for hard core rock crawling.

    Now you'll want a lot of clearance to go with the newly-stretched frame. The Motobilt 15" Stretch Highline Rear Inner Fenders for Jeep YJ give you all the clearance you will need!

    When adding larger 40", 42" or even 43" tires to your Jeep YJ project, you will inevitably need to trim sheet metal to provide "up-travel" clearance between the tire & body. The Motobilt 15" Stretch Highline Rear Inner Fenders for Jeep YJ replace your factory inner fender wells to provide you with 3-3/4" of increased "up-travel" clearance over your factory rear inner fender wells.

    Protect your YJ build with our body armor products such as our 15" stretch corners, and you can choose either blank or with highline cut, and our 15" stretch rocker guards, either with or without tube step.