Aluminum Unlimited Rocker Armor | for Jeep JL 4 door

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Motobilt Jeep JL Unlimited (JLU) Rocker Armor offers high clearance protection for your Jeep. Designed and manufactured in the USA, Motobilt products feature high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship. The JLU (Four door) Rocker Armor is laser cut from 3/16 inch aluminum and formed on a press brake to perfectly match contour to the side of your 4 door Jeep JL. This kit requires drilling holes in the body of your Jeep and installing rivnuts. You can install them without a specialized tool. The kit does include all of the rivnuts and bolts required to the the install. Ships bare aluminum, which is softer and more easily damaged than steel. If you are looking for ultimate protection and plan to wheel your rig, you should consider the steel rocker armor instead. These are meant for those who value weight savings over strength. 


  • Jeep JL Unlimited Rocker Armor 2018-Current
  • Made from 3/16 inch aluminum
  • Counter sunk mounting holes with flat head bolts provide a smooth surface
  • Contoured design to follow the factory body panels.
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Sold as kit hardware included
  • Weight: 20lbs (approx.)


  • Drilling required.  25/64" drill bit for riv nuts.
  • Ships bare aluminum

Product Components

Product Components


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