ARB Compressor Enclosure

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Want the ultimate On-Board Air Enclosure System?

This product is packed with tons of features to help your On-Board air system to be tidy, small, organized, secure & protected. All in one compact design!

Each of these high quality ARB products can be used with this system (the parts listed are NOT included with the kit):

  • ARB #CKMTA12 or ARB #CKMTA24 High Performance Twin On-Board Air Compressor
  • ARB #0704111 Air Hose Coupling
  • ARB #171503 Air Locker Manifold Kit
  • ARB #Pump Up Kit with Orange Air Hose

You can mount your on-board air compressor along with an air locker manifold kit to provide a reliable air supply to your air lockers and still have an on-board air supply for airing up your tires after a long day on the trail, without having a separate air compressor for just the air lockers.

The kit includes a supplied internal air hose which connects from the manifold to the externally mounted air coupler. We integrated an external air hose storage mount so you always know where your air hose is when it is needed.

You can mount your power switch direct to the enclosure using the supplied removable switch cover plate or we also supply a blank switch cover plate if you want to have the switch remote mounted. You can easily add additional 12 volt switches to the supplied switch cover plates for other 12 volt accessories.

The 14 gauge heavy duty steel enclosure features a form fitting removable cover. With the cover removed you gain access to all of your protected ARB compressor components.

Both housing and cover feature laser cut grid openings for air flow and cooling. Speaking of cooling, we even provide an option to externally mount the air intakes outside of the enclosure for additional cooling options.

Air locker hard lines can connect direct to the air locker solenoids. We provide rubber grommets to protect the air locker hard air lines.

12 volt or 24 volt power supply cables assemble easily, pass through the enclosure wall & are protected against cable wear by a supplied rubber grommet as well.

The unit comes with a pair of steel mounting brackets which are designed to have the same bolt mounting pattern as all Motobilt MOLLE compatible products. The unit can be mounted horizontally, vertically or even upside down.

Overall dimensions: 20.5” x 9.6” x 7.5”

Ships as raw steel.

Get your ultimate On-Board Air Enclosure System now!


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