Bed Rack for Gladiator Bobbed Replacement Bed

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Please Select Option: Bed Rack System Only
Please Select Option: Bed Rack System Only

Whether you’re overlanding, camping or simply looking for ample accessory mounting options, the Bed Rack for the Motobilt Bobbed Replacement Bed for Jeep Gladiator is the solution to your accessory mounting needs.

We designed the Bed Rack to work seamlessly with our all new MB1178 Bobbed Replacement Bed for the Jeep Gladiator.  Measuring 52” wide at the top, 42” long & 16” tall, this bed rack system provides the foundation to mount accessories like a roof top tent, spare tire, elevated cargo racks, bicycles, recovery gear, fuel or water storage containers, traction boards, hi-lift jack, axe, fire extinguisher and more.

The wide beam and post design efficiently distributes your elevated load safely to the bed rail of the bobbed bed.  Each post of the bed rack bolts firmly & securely to the mating holes in the top flanges of the bed rail.  A pair of horizontal stringers connect & stabilize the pair of C shaped beams.  Each beam, post & stringer is fitted with a combination of holes & slots to give multiple accessory mounting options.

Included with the system are six (6) recessed light mounts & adjustable brackets.  The cutouts & light mounting brackets are designed to accept Baja Designs S2 LED lights (sold separately).  Wiring can easily be routed & hidden within the post & beam system for a clean installation.  You can wire your lights in separate groups to provide independent nighttime illumination for the driver side, passenger side or rear of the vehicle.  The beams can also be fitted with low voltage LED strip lights to provide overhead lighting for the cargo area of the bobbed bed.  Never again will you be left in the dark!

We offer OPTIONAL Molle Panels to bolt into the sides of the rack system for even more mounting possibilities. Be sure to add them in the drop down menu. 

The Bobbed Bed Rack will ONLY FIT the Motobilt Bobbed Bed.  The parts are shipped raw steel and will require paint or powder coating to the color of your choice. Hardware to assemble the parts is included. Lights are not including.  We designed the rack to work with Baja Designs S2 work lights. You will need to purchase those separately. 


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