Flat Belly Skid Plate for Jeep YJ

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Ground clearance is king in many situations.  These days many people are trying to keep a low center of gravity by keeping the ride height as low as possible.  The downside to a low COG rig is, there is less ground clearance. One solution for your Jeep YJ is this flat belly skid plate.  The skid plate is laser cut and formed from high strength 1/4” thick steel plate. The high clearance flat belly skid plate gives about 3.5” of more ground clearance in the center of the Jeep YJ.  OK, I know you have to be wondering what the downside it.  The flat belly skid plate is a universal fit.  it will require you to make provisions to mount the transmission and transfer case.  Installing this flat skid plate without a body lift may require modifying the transmission tunnel and floor board area where the transfer case is in the Jeep YJ.

If you are building a 4 link suspension in your Jeep YJ we recommend you check out the 4 link system we offer with a flat bottom skid plate.  The part number for it is MB1503

Weight: 65lbs (approx.)