Front Soft Upper Window Adapter Kit for Motobilt Front Half Doors for Jeep JKU

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This kit provides all of the mounting points to allow your Motobilt JK/JKU Front Aluminum Half Doors to receive front soft upper windows.  After you install this kit, you will have permanently mounted receiver guides to quickly mount the frame work of front soft upper window. (Bestop Element Style Half Doors)

Installation does require you to drill some holes in your Motobilt MB3055 JK/JKU Front Aluminum Doors to affix the new window adapter kit.  Our detailed installation instructions will guide you for a quick & easy install. 

The parts ship fully welded, CNC formed & ready for your installation.  We include all of the necessary hardware as well including rivnuts & fasteners.  Parts ship as raw steel.


Product Components


Assembly Instructions

Drilling Template

You will need to print the above template on a 1:1 scale and tape the pages together to get the correct sizing. If you are unsure as to how to do this, click this link for instructions