High Clearance Rear Inner Fender for JL/JLU

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The MB1254 High Clearance Rear Inner Fender is the perfect addition to your Jeep, offering a blend of style and protection. Designed to fit seamlessly with the JL and JLU models, this fender provides more tire clearance then our previous model for bigger 40” to 42” tall tires that we run on our off-road adventures while protecting vital components from damage. 

Its sleek design not only enhances the look of your Jeep, but it also provides practical benefits by shielding fuel lines and other important parts from rocks, debris, and trail hazards. The fender bolts in with no trimming required but optional rear fender trimming ensures maximum clearance.

For a comprehensive upgrade, pair this inner fender with our steel or aluminum rear fender flares, further boosting your vehicle’s resilience and aesthetic appeal.

*Note: Tire fitment will depend on suspension height, bump stops, axle width, and wheel offset. Modify fenderwell opening as needed for your application.


  • Increased Tire Clearance:  By installing the new high line fenders it allows for larger 40-42” tall tires to clear the inner fender! The new inner fenders are moved up higher, and further back to provide additional clearance under articulation. For the most tire clearance trimming is recommended. 
  • Rear Fender Trimming: Ensure a precise fit by trimming the rear fender opening and allowing for a the maximum tire clearance possible. Trimming is not required but allows for the most clearance.
  • Stock Flare: These can be used with stock outer flares and smaller tires as well allowing you to upgrade to a larger setup in the future.
  • Protection Against Debris: Safeguards fuel lines from rocks and debris, providing peace of mind on rugged trails.
  • Attractive Design: Enhances the overall look of your vehicle, adding a sleek and functional aesthetic.
  • Compatibility: Works seamlessly with our steel rear fenders MB1102 and MB1199 highline or our aluminum rear fenders MB1102-A and MB1199-A highline. 


  • Jeep JL
  • Jeep JLU


  • Made in the USA: Manufactured in the USA for exceptional quality and durability.
  • Dimensions: Height: 12.5 inches, Width: 36.75 inches, Depth: 8.5 inches.
  • Weight: 8.5 lbs, providing sturdy protection without adding excessive bulk.

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