Cut-in Fender Flares for Jeep YJ

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Introducing the Cut-in Fender Flares for the Jeep YJ: The Ultimate Solution for Fabricators

Designed with the fabricator in mind, our Cut-in Fender Flares offer unparalleled customization and high-performance capabilities for your Jeep YJ. If you're ready to take your off-road build to the next level and don't mind a little cutting and welding, these flares are the perfect choice.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these flares are made from laser-cut 14ga steel plate for a clean and perfect edge. We've used 3D scans of a factory Jeep YJ hood to ensure an exceptional fit. However, please note that variances in manufacturing Jeep hoods may require some additional work to achieve a perfect fit. But don't worry, with a bit of sheet metal manipulation, you'll achieve the flawless look you desire.

One of the major benefits of these Cut-in Fender Flares is the increased clearance they provide. By cutting into the hood, you'll gain higher clearance, allowing for more up travel and lower ride heights. This means you can fit larger tires without the need for extreme lifts. And when it comes to wheeling, a lower and more stable Jeep means improved handling and maneuverability on the trails.

It's important to mention that this kit does require cutting, welding, and fitting. We recommend enlisting the expertise of an experienced fabricator for the installation. Welding thin sheet metal can be challenging, but fear not! At Motobilt, we've perfected the process. Rather than putting a complete weld down the part, we recommend tack-welding it into place and using a light coat of body filler for a seamless finish.

Transform your Jeep YJ into a trail-conquering beast with the YJ Cut-in Fender Flares. Embrace the customizability, enhanced performance, and distinctive style that only Motobilt can provide. Please note that these flares are designed for the true fabricators who are willing to go the extra mile to achieve their dream build.

Get ready to turn heads on and off the trails with Motobilt's YJ Cut-in Fender Flares. Unleash your creativity and unleash the full potential of your Jeep YJ. Take the first step towards an extraordinary off-road adventure—order your YJ Cut-in Fender Flares today!


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