Aluminum Highline Front Fenders 4" Flare for Jeep TJ / LJ

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Elevate Your Jeep TJ/LJ: Motobilt Aluminum High Line 4" Flare Fenders

Unleash your Jeep TJ/LJ's true potential with the Motobilt Aluminum High Line 4" Flare Fenders. These fenders redefine durability and style, providing the ultimate off-road experience. Elevate your vehicle's clearance while adding a bold, rugged look that perfectly complements your Jeep's adventurous spirit.

Solving Tire Size Challenges: Say goodbye to the limitations of small tires. With Motobilt's 4" Flare Fenders, running larger tires is a breeze. By raising the fender opening 3 inches higher and extending it 2 3/4 inches further back, you can embrace larger tires without excessive lifts. No more compromises between tire size and stability.

Innovative Features and Specifications: These fenders are engineered to excel:

  • Additional clearance of 3 inches above the tire and 2 3/4 inches behind it.
  • 4-inch flare design for a commanding presence and optimal tire coverage.
  • Revamped vented side plates that seamlessly integrate with your Jeep's aesthetics while promoting efficient heat dissipation.
  • Included Passenger & Driver Support Brackets for unmatched structural integrity.

Exceptional Craftsmanship: Designed to tackle demanding terrains, these fenders redefine what's possible. Built from rugged aluminum, they ensure your Jeep can handle even the harshest trails while boasting a captivating form. Proudly crafted in the USA, these fenders epitomize innovation and excellence.

Unmatched Benefits: Revel in an array of advantages:

  • Elevated tire clearance, reduced weight, and a unique, personalized appearance.
  • Enhanced fit and vent plates that seamlessly align with your Jeep's aesthetics.
  • 4-inch flare option, offering commanding aesthetics and substantial tire coverage.
  • Unpainted aluminum construction, empowering you to create a custom look.

For the Adventurous Enthusiast: Tailored for Jeep TJ/LJ owners who crave the perfect blend of performance, style, and weight reduction. Whether you're navigating urban streets or conquering challenging trails, these fenders are the ultimate enhancement.

Going Beyond Ordinary: Stand out from the crowd with fenders that surpass the norm. These 3/16-inch thick aluminum fenders excel not only in strength but also in innovation. The aluminum structure is fortified with a steel inner brace, ensuring durability and flexibility to accommodate extra components.

Seamless Installation, Lasting Impact: Experience effortless installation guided by comprehensive instructions. These fenders ensure a seamless upgrade, allowing you to hit the road or trail with minimal delay.

Customer-Proven Quality: Our fenders have undergone rigorous testing and proven their performance over the years. Continuous enhancements guarantee utmost satisfaction with the fit and functionality of these Aluminum Jeep TJ/LJ High Line Fenders.

Ignite Your Jeep's Potential: At Motobilt, we're dedicated to delivering innovative designs supported by state-of-the-art technology. Our Jeep TJ/LJ High Line Fenders embody our mission to elevate your Jeep's performance and endurance, both on and off the beaten path. Embrace the Motobilt difference today.


  • This kit is for the fenders only. Aluminum inner fenders are not included but can be purchased separately if needed.
  • Factory inner fenders cannot be modified to fit the Motobilt fenders. Your customization journey is in your hands with Motobilt. Elevate your Jeep's performance and style with confidence.
  • The factory battery tray will have to be modified to work or you can install a Motobilt battery box. Optima MB5001 or the Odyssey/Diehard MB5002
  • The factory air box will need to be removed and replaced with an open filter or cold air intake.
  • You will need either relocate/remount your existing hood latches or install hood pins.

Related Parts: Not Included

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Note: These instructions cover BOTH outer and inner fender install. INNER FENDERS SOLD SEPARATELY. 

Assembly Instructions