Motobilt Heavy Duty Trailer Fender Kit

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How many times have you damaged your trailer fenders and wanted a better replacement option.  We were in the same situation after driving a heavy rock crawler buggy repeatedly over the fenders of our trailer.  Yes, we ended up bending the flimsy fenders that came on the trailer into the trailer tire.  We opted to make some out of heavy duty 3/16” steel plate and resolve the crushed trailer fender problem completely.  

The fenders are laser cut and formed here at Motobilt.  The fender kit is sold as a pair to drop your trailer.  We ship them unwelded and bare steel.  You will need to have a welder to install them so we left all of the welding to you in order to save you some money. 

We have optional taillight mounts for those that want a heavy duty option to house your taillights. 


  • Heavy Duty 3/16” Steel Construction 
  • Laser Cut and CNC Formed
  • Internal fender gusset
  • Sold as a pair
  • Optional taillight housings
  • Ships bare steel
  • DIY You Weld Design to save you money
  • Weight = 220lbs
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