Race Gas Jug Mount for VP Racing 5 Gallon Fuel Cans

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Finding ways to secure the square VP Racing 5 gallon fuel cans can sometimes be difficult. Motobilt answered the call for a simple yet creative way to secure your race gas cans.  The mounts are a great option for race trailers, Lawncare service trailers, offroad power sports trailers, personal watercraft and more.  With each kit we send provisions to set the mount up in different configurations based on your specific needs.

The Motobilt Race Gas Can Mount features a lockable latch. The latch is adjustable to ensure you have a firm clamp on your VP Racing Gas Can. The Jerry Can Mount is constructed from heavy duty 11GA thick steel plate laser cut here in the USA at our manufacturing facility.  The parts are formed on our press brakes to allow for the next feature.  If you are in need of a dual can mount the Motobilt Race Gas Can Mount is linkable.  So, if you need 2,3 or more gas cans connected simply bolt how ever many mounts you need together.  See the assembly instructions for more details.  The Motobilt Race Gas Can Mounts for VP Racing 5 Gallon Cans can be bolted together side by side or back to back depending on your appplication. This ability is a first of its kind in versatility.

The mounts are shipped base steel.  You will need to paint to the color of your choice and assembly.  All hardware needed to assemble the Race Gas Can Mount is included in the kit.  The lockable latch is included.  This listing is for one mount only.  You will have to supply your own VP Racing 5 Gallon Fuel Can.  Hardware to attach the mount to an object is not included because we do not know the length bolts needed to fit the endless applications this mount can be utilized with.



  • Linkable Design To Allow For Multi-can mounting
  • All Steel Construction
  • Made in the USA
  • Includes all assembly hardware
  • Ships bare steel allowing the installer to choose paint color
  • The kit includes one mount. If a dual can mount or more is provided simple adjust your order quantity.
  • Gas Can NOT Provided

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Assembly Instructions