Rock Crawler Fuel Cell

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The Motobilt Rock Crawler Fuel Cell was designed for off camber wheeling to the extreme. The bottom of the main compartment has a 1.75” hole in the center feeding the bottom sump / trap where the fuel pick up is located. The idea is to trap fuel in the bottom sump and keep the pickup submerged in fuel.

The main compartment of the tank has an internal baffle to keep the fuel from moving around too much and, more importantly, hold the fuel long enough to feed the bottom sump in the tank. The top of the tank has a d-ring style 12 bolt filler neck. Aftermarket 12 bolt style remote fillers can be used with this tank. The top of the tank has an NPT threaded bung and roll over vent. Also you'll notice that there is a -8AN fitting for the return fuel line. The fuel pick up located at the bottom of the tank is also a -8AN fitting. Fittings to connect to your fuel system are not included.

The Motobilt Rock Crawler Fuel Cell holds approximately 12.5 gallons. We kept this tank small and narrow to keep the bottom sump full of fuel. The fuel cell is ideal for rock buggies, competition rock crawlers and trail riding vehicles.

The tank was designed using the latest in 3D CAD technology. The tank is made in house at Motobilt utilizing our fiber laser and CNC press brakes. The tank is laser cut from 1/8” thick aluminum and TIG welded. We use different alloys for the base material and filler rod to preventing cracking. We warranty the tank against manufacturing defect and cracking when using the Motobilt mount. The mount is fabricated from 11ga steel for the base and 16ga steel for the top straps. The top straps come with dimple die holes for added strength and looks.

Mounting the fuel cell can be done many different ways. Under the tank we have laser cut bolt holes the installer can countersink and bolt in. The base is made from 11ga steel to allow brackets to be welded on.


The tank measurements are:

  • 15.5” from top of mount to bottom of the 11ga steel mount at top of the sump
  • 20” from the top of the tank to the bottom of the sump not including the -AN fitting.
  • 20.626" to the outside width of the main base of the fuel cell mount
  • 9.75” front to back not including the bolt flanges. 

Weight = 20lbs


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