Roll Cage Bracket Kit for Jeep JKU

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Build your own custom JKU 4 Door tubular cage!

This premium Builder Kit includes 28 specially designed plates that precisely set all of the difficult starting points for fabricating your own tubular cage. All connections allow you to design & build your cage then unbolt it from the vehicle using our unique machined threaded weld nuts. This allows you to completely remove your cage for final welding, powder coating or painting.

The lower A-Pillar connections bolt into the existing substructure behind the dash. We provide plates that bolt to these hidden connections to provide mounts for a lower windshield dash tube. The lower A-Pillar connections reuse some factory hardware & we also provide all of the necessary new grade 8 fastener hardware to make installation fast. Our lower A-Pillar connections also bolt through the factory reinforced areas of the door openings.

The upper A-Pillar connections bolt into existing factory mounting locations & include cut outs that allow you to reuse your factory sun visors. The upper A-Pillar connections provide you with locations to mount driver & passenger side upper tubes. These connections also allow you to still fold your windshield down.

The lower B-Pillar connections make use of some factory mounts while also drilling through the floor. We provide machined weld nuts that allow you to bolt on our Tubing Foot Plates making for a complete lower bolted connection. Our lower B-Pillar connections include cut outs allowing you to reuse your factory seat belts.

We provide plates that make a bolted connection for fastening the upper B-Pillars to your cage. These plates simply bolt into existing factory mounting locations. Fasteners included.

The lower C-Pillar connections are located off existing factory mounts with some additional drilling required through the body. We include plates that fit over the existing studs that secure the rear seat. This still allows you to remove your rear seats, if desired. The lower C-Pillar connections also include machined weld nuts & our Tubing Foot Plates making for secure bolted connections. Fasteners included.

Our lower D-Pillar connections fit over the existing D-Pillar locations. Our D-Pillar connections get welded to the body & include our weld nuts & Tube Foot Plates for yet another strong bolted connection. Fasteners included.

If you have always wanted to build your own roll cage but didn't know where to start, we have the solution for you!

We recommend using a minimum of 1.75" OD x 0.120" wall DOM tubing when building your cage (tubing not included). This kit will work with 2.0" OD x 0.120" wall DOM tubing as well.


This kit is designed for 2007-2018 Jeep JKU 4 Door models. There are factory variations in the dash & substructure for different model years. Some modification to parts of this kit may be required. This kit will NOT fit 2 door models.

This is a Builder Kit, thus, it goes without saying that extensive fabrication & disassembly of the vehicle is required. This kit does NOT tie the tubular cage into the frame.

We do NOT show you how to build a tubular cage. The intent of this kit is to provide you with all of the major connection points for you to design & install your own custom tubular cage.

All plates are shipped as bare steel. All weld nuts & fasteners are shipped loose. Welding is required.

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