SD60 Single Coil Over Mount

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The Super Duty Dana 60 inner C coil over shock bracket set is manufactured from laser cut and formed 1/4" steel plate. The inner C shock mounts are designed for 2.0 coil over shocks. The shock mounts fit the 2005+ Dana 60 Super Duty Axle inner C.. Simply bolt on to the top of the inner C where the factory coil spring mount is located. We recommend welding the shock mount to the inner C once you have it bolted in place. The inside mounting width is designed for 2.0 coils over shocks that have a mounting width of 1-1/2”.  The bolt hole diameter in the shock brackets is 1/2”. On some coil over shocks you may have to opt for a wider spacer set to go from 1-1/4” to 1-1/2”. The company you choose to purchase coil over shocks from should be able to supply you with spacers for a 1-1/2” mounting width. 

Sold as a pair. 


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