Skid System for 392 Jeep JLU

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The Jeep JLU 4 Door equipped with the Rubicon 392 engine requires a unique underside protection system to provide additional clearances for the engine & exhaust system than compared to Jeep Wranglers with other engine & exhaust options. The Motobilt MB1211 JLU Rubicon 392 Skid System solves these unique clearances by offering a custom designed & expertly fitting skid system specifically tailored for your Rubicon 392 engine & larger exhaust system. Protecting the expensive stainless steel 392 exhaust system was one of our primary objectives during our design.

The skid system features four (4) separate reinforced steel panels that interlock & key together. The underside of the skid system features smooth, with no bolt heads, plates or overlapping parts hanging below. This fundamental feature is important when traversing over obstacles on the trail.

The foundation of the system is designed around the main Transmission Skid. The Transmission Skid spans from the driver side frame rail to the passenger side frame rail, with a smooth tapered shape on each side. It fully protects the entire Transfer Case as well. The Transmission Skid features an internally welded structure with inset, keyed & countersunk mounting positions for all of the other skids to tie into. The Transmission Skid bolts directly to the factory transmission cross member & to the factory frame rails.

The Gas Tank skid is designed to mount directly over the factory stamped steel gas tank hanger. No need to drop or remove the factory gas tank hanger. Hangers are provided to bolt this skid up also using factory frame locations.

The Exhaust Skid fully protects vital & expensive stainless steel 392 exhaust piping. There is ample clearance for factory or aftermarket rear drive shafts. The Exhaust Skid also includes steel hangers which bolt up to factory frame locations. No drilling or modifications to the frame are necessary.

The Engine Skid keys into the beefy Transmission Skid to protect exhaust, transmission & oil pan components. The supplied welded steel engine hangers bolt directly to the factory motor mounts.

Installation is a breeze. Check out our complete Assembly Instructions.

This product fits Jeep JLU 4 Door Rubicon 392. This fits the early model 392 engines with the cast aluminum oil & also fits the later model 392 engines with the stamped steel oil pans.

This product ships as raw steel and will need to painted before install.
Weight = 235 lbs