Sliding Front Seat Mounts for Jeep YJ using PRP Seats

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Installing aftermarket seats in a Jeep YJ often times does not turn out like planned. The seat always seem to have you sitting way to high in the Jeep and your head too close to the roll bar. The Motobilt crew has experienced this many times as well so we thought we would offer a solution to help you get the seat much lower in the Jeep YJ.  The bracket set is for both the driver and passenger sides. The mounts include sliders and additional height adjustment brackets if needed.  The brackets do NOT allow for fold and tumble. 


These seat mounts are designed specifically for aftermarket bucket seats with a mounting hole pattern measuring 14" wide x 18" deep. This is a very common hole mounting pattern for many aftermarket seat manufacturers. We designed the seat mounts using PRP brand seats, but they mounts are not just limited to the PRP brand.

The seat mounts can be configured a few different ways depending on how high or low you want to sit in the Jeep YJ with your new PRP Seats.  The floor brackets bolt into the factory locations in the floor. Next the slider attaches to the floor brackets.  From there you can choose to run the L bracket flipped up or down.  I am tall so I run just the bracket flipped down. Being 6’-2” I feel as though I am sitting much lower in the Jeep in a PRP seat vs a factory seat.  Flipping the bracket up will raise you about 1.5”.  We also include some optional use brackets to raise you on up if you need. 

The brackets are laser cut and formed from 3/16” steel plate.  They were designed using 3D scan data of the Jeep YJ to ensure a great fit. The brackets ship bare steel and will need to be painted to the color of your choice. 

See the install instructions for addition information. 


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