Front Half Frame Kit for Jeep TJ / LJ / YJ

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The Motobilt Jeep TJ-LJ and YJ Front Half Frame Kit is an innovative weld-on front steel frame replacement/upgrade for the hard core builder who wants to transform their Jeep TJ-LJ  and YJ into a true off-road beast. This kit fits all Jeep WRANGLERS from 1987-2006. 

When swapping to larger, heavier duty front axles to accommodate large 40” or 42” tires in a Jeep TJ, LJ or Jeep YJ, it has become more & more common to move the front axle forward a few inches to provide increased upwards travel of the axle, suspension & steering components, as well as, increasing the overall wheelbase of the vehicle for stability.  This kit facilitates extra clearance for a true 4 link front suspension system.  This essentially allows you to lower the overall center of gravity of your vehicle, which, as true hard core wheelers know, is the key to building a very capable off-road vehicle.

This premium builder solution takes all of the guess work out of this potentially daunting task.  Designed using the very latest 3D CAD technology along with CAD files direct from Chrysler/Jeep and 3D laser scans, our team of highly experienced professionals (who are also hard core wheelers, builders & fabricators) have engineered a precision product that simply makes your off road vehicle perform to its peak potential.

The boxed in C-Channel design of our kit is manufactured from high grade 3/16” thick steel that is laser cut & precision CNC press brake formed.  The C-Channel design fits over & laps portions of the stock frame where it is then welded permanently in place.  The inner plates of the frame feature slotted weep holes to aid in cleaning & maintenance.

We provide detailed step-by-step instructions with photos showing where to mark & cut your existing stock TJ, LJ or YJ frame. You can view the instructions before purchasing the kit.

The up swept design of the MB3034 Jeep TJ-LJ and Jeep YJ Front Half Frame Kit relocates the forward-most portion of the stock frame by moving it upwards.  This means there is essentially NO approach angle caused by the frame or front bumper.  The front tires are the first point of contact on any obstacle.  Game changer.

The integrated front bumper of our kit is designed to fit a large recovery winch like the Warn Zeon 12S (or similar).  The winch mount is recessed to provide protection for the winch & to provide the most airflow to the radiator.  The winch mounting bolts are recessed & protected from trail damage.  We have included a forward facing Hawse Fairlead mount into the front bumper design, along with a separate lower opening located under the winch which gives you the ability to run your winch line straight down to the axle.  For years, hard core wheelers & professional rock crawlers have been using this technique of using the winch to suck the front end down to the axle when tackling steep obstacles to change your center of gravity.  We have integrated this feature into this kit to make it easy.

Also integrated into the front bumper design are two (2) 3/4” thick high grade steel D-Ring mounts for recovery.  The D-Ring plates are elongated back into the recess of the winch mount to increase the welding area for strength & to provide an additional degree of structural stability to the front frame.

You will be removing your stock front upper shock mounts to make room for longer coil over shocks, providing space for high clearance outer fenders, and potentially removing 3” from your stock hood, which, in turn, provides ample “up-travel” clearance for larger 40”-42” tires to articulate through its suspension cycle on larger axles.  Motobilt offers solutions to help you in these stages.

This kit requires cutting & removing the front portion of your existing stock frame, chopping your existing engine mounts & replacing them (engine mounts not included in kit).  The kit dimensionally works with the stock engine or a variety of aftermarket crate engines like LS or Hemi. We do not offer engine mounts due to the many engine and transmission combinations that will be used with this kit.  In addition when building a highly custom project like this we sometimes offset the engine front, rear or side to side to make more room.  Engine mounts will have to be custom fabricated. 

This kit is intended for full hydro steering systems.  It does not use a mechanical steering system.  The reason for changing to a full hydro steering system is to provide ample turning force when using large tires, to remove obstructions for increased “up travel” of the front axle and to eliminate mechanical steering linkages that are prone to hitting on obstacles resulting in breakages.  This kit cleans up the entire front end and gives you a stable & strong new structure that is purpose built for rock crawling.

Welding & finishing is required.  We recommend welding be performed by a qualified welder.  You will be reusing your stock grill & notching it to fit around the new front frame members.  An aftermarket radiator is strongly suggested.

This product is shipped as three (3) pre-welded assemblies & two (2) loose flat plates.  Welding is required to marry all pieces to the modified frame.  

Weight: 75 lbs (approx.)



Badlands Apex winches will not fit.

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Installation Instructions (Older Version of Kit - TJ & LJ version) 

Installation Instructions