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Check out this LS3 Powered LJ built by Summit 4x4


Transforming a Vision into Reality: The Summit 4x4 Company's LJ Project

In the world of off-road customization, the journey from vision to reality is often paved with challenges, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. This is the story of how Summit 4x4 Company, led by Jesse and Shad, along with the vehicle owner Matt, transformed an ordinary LJ into an extraordinary off-road masterpiece, featuring a suite of Motobilt products.

The Genesis of the Project

Matt, the owner of the LJ, initially envisioned a vehicle that was different from its current state. "Originally it didn't even look like this," he recalls. It was red, stretched longer, and had a different aesthetic. However, after bringing it to Summit 4x4 Company, the vision evolved. The team decided to move away from the original bed design, shortening it to 118 inches, and incorporating new ideas from both Matt and Shad.

Why Choose Motobilt?

The decision to incorporate Motobilt products was driven by Matt's appreciation for their robust and visually appealing design. "After looking at everybody's stuff, I really liked the product that Motobilt put out. It looks healthy and beefy," Matt explains. This sentiment is echoed by the team at Summit 4x4, who also have Motobilt products on their shop JL. They believe that for the kind of rugged use Matt plans for the LJ, "you can't go with a better product."

The Build: A Blend of Customization and Precision

The project was a blend of custom work and precision. Shad Kennedy highlights the challenge of working with the big V8 engine and achieving the correct clearance and geometry for the suspension. "It was neat to have Matt just say do what you do," Shad shares, emphasizing the trust placed in their expertise.

The use of Fox coilovers and air bumps in the rear ensured that the LJ would not only excel in rock crawling but also perform admirably on dirt roads. The goal was to create a vehicle that could handle any challenge thrown at it, and the team at Summit 4x4 was up to the task.

The Result: A Testament to Quality and Capability

The result of this project was a vehicle that exceeded expectations. It performed with ease during its initial wheeling trips, showcasing the effectiveness of the custom suspension work and the robustness of the Motobilt components. "The end result was just it'll do everything we hoped," says Shad, a sentiment that Matt echoes with satisfaction.

Looking Ahead: Adventures Await

With plans to take the LJ to King of the Hammers and other big trails, the future looks exciting for Matt and his newly transformed vehicle. The project stands as a testament to the quality of Motobilt products and the craftsmanship of Summit 4x4 Company. It's a story of transforming a vision into a reality, where every component and modification serves a purpose, culminating in an off-road machine ready to conquer any terrain.


Want to Shop this build? Check out the parts list below!

MB1069-B | Crusher Series Front Bumper
MB1083-0 | High Line Front Fender 0" Flare
MB1083-IFB | High Line Blank Inner Fender Kit
MB1168 | Fold Down Aluminum Tailgate
MB1062 | Rocker Guards with Comp Corners
MB5005-TJ-3000-5007 | 15 Gallon Fuel Cell Package
MB3020-S | Back Half Frame Kit with Stubby Rear Bumper
MB1074 | Body Tube Armor


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