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Choosing the Right Suspension for Your Jeep: 3 Link vs. 4 Link

When you're working on your Jeep and looking to upgrade the suspension, you've got a couple of good options depending on what kind of steering setup you're running. Here's a straightforward look at what might work best for your build.

Understanding Your Steering Options

You’ve basically got two choices for steering setups:

  1. Traditional Steering Box with a Drag Link: This setup uses a link that connects from the steering gear to the wheel. If this is what you've got, a 3 link suspension with a track bar is your best bet. This setup helps keep your steering tight and right, especially when you hit bumps. It lines up the drag link and the track bar so they move together, which stops the Jeep from steering itself, “bump steer,” over rough spots.

  2. Full Hydraulic Steering: This kind of steering is different because it doesn’t connect the same way traditional setups do. It works great with a 4 link suspension, where the axle moves straight up and down. This setup is good because it keeps your steering feeling the same no matter how rough the trail gets.

Motobilt’s Kits for Your Jeep

We’ve got kits that work with both types of steering:

Making Your Choice

Picking the right suspension setup matters a lot for how your Jeep handles off-road. Think about your steering setup and what you need your suspension to do. This will guide you to the best choice for your build.

Got questions or need a hand figuring out what’s best for your Jeep? Shoot us an email at We’re here to help you make your Jeep as tough as it can be!

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