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Motobilt Unveils "El Jefe": The Ultimate Jeep YJ Build at Trail Hero

In the rugged terrains of Sand Hollow State Park, Utah, Motobilt made waves with the grand unveiling of "El Jefe," a masterfully crafted 1987 Jeep YJ Wrangler. This Jeep, painted in a dazzling 2023 Cadillac red, isn't just any vehicle; it's a testament to Motobilt's dedication to innovation, quality, and the spirited off-road community.

El Jefe: Where Power Meets Elegance

Beneath its radiant exterior, El Jefe boasts a powerful LS Engine by Golen Race Engines, delivering an impressive 750hp after its initial tuning. "This isn't just a vehicle; it's a bold statement." As Dan DuBose, Motobilt’s Founder and CEO, puts it, "El Jefe embodies Motobilt's ethos. It's a blend of our innovation, expertise, and a genuine passion for off-roading."

A Glimpse into El Jefe's Specs:

  • Engine: LSX 454 based on a Dart block.
  • Transmission: Custom Reid Housing Turbo 400 by Maximum Transmission.
  • Axles: Fusion Shaved 14 Bolt front and rear.
  • Color: Transformed from classic brown to vibrant 2023 Cadillac red.
  • Interior: Custom designs with PRP seats, harnesses, and unique El Jefe engravings.
  • Wheels & Tires: Mickey Thompson Baja XS Competition tires on 17x9 -38 Offset Dirty Life Wheels.
  • Steering: PSC Double-ended full hydraulic Steering.
  • Frame and Suspension: Features like MB7009 Double Triangulated 4 link system and Fox 2.5” piggyback coil overs.

Trail Hero: The Heartbeat of Off-Roading

Trail Hero is more than an event; it's a celebration of the off-road culture. It brings together enthusiasts, vendors, and iconic builds to honor the community's spirit. Motobilt, with its team of experts, actively engaged in the festivities, trail runs, and meet & greets, making their presence felt.

Brand Partnerships

Mickey Thompson Tires and Dirty Life Wheels were instrumental in El Jefe's build. Other notable contributors include Baja Designs, Summit Machine, PSC Motorsports, Warn, Factor 55, and Fusion 4x4, each adding their unique touch to the build.

The Team

El Jefe didn't just come together on its own. We had a large team of contributors. Major contributors Dan DuBose, Hunter DuBose, Rob “Bender” Park, Bruce Holder, Michael Mihelich, and Kurt Farr have infused El Jefe with their expertise and passion, ensuring every detail, from the engine to the axles, reflects perfection. But it seemed like the whole shop got involved at some point! We are thankful for our dedicated team and their passion for everything off-road.

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